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Heritage days in Goudourville: going back in time in a castle

DEPECHE DU MIDI - 17 September 2020

The castle of Goudourville, a historic monument with a breathtaking view of the Garonne valley, is taking part in the Heritage Days on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September.

The castle of Goudourville, whose appearance inevitably evokes a fortress of the Middle Ages, comprises two main buildings flanked by two large square towers and a crenellated keep.

A hundred-step staircase

The central staircase, built during the Renaissance, is remarkable with its hundred steps and its palm-shaped top. As remarkable as the parts of the staircase that were converted in the Age of Enlightenment by Louis de Berdolle, a member of parliament in Toulouse, who turned it into a pleasant summer residence with large French windows.

Let yourself be carried away by history and discover anecdotes from ancient times.

Originally an 11th century fortress

In 1081, the Gasques family acquired the land and later built a fortress.

During the Renaissance, thanks to the Lustrac family, in connection with Jacques d'Albon, Marshal of France and loyal servant of King Henry II of France, the castle of Goudourville experienced a period of great splendour.

A history of the Agenais

The castle became a comfortable residence with a beautiful spiral staircase, prestigious fireplaces and mullioned windows decorated with stained glass. These were all signs of wealth and a high social position.

In the 17th century, the castle was sacked during the Fronde. Restored and transformed in the 18th century, it then suffered the outrages of the French Revolution. So many events, successions and transfers to discover.

In addition to discovering the architecture of the castle, the guided tour will introduce you to the Visigoths, those "barbarians" who settled in the South-West a long time ago, and will tell you about the history of the Agenais region, in connection with the History of France, through the destinies of certain families who owned or lost this castle.

A great opportunity to visit or revisit this castle with the owner.

Saturday 19th at 3pm and 5pm, Sunday 20th at 3pm. Due to the health crisis, groups are limited to 25 people and masks must be worn by those over 11 years old. Reservations as soon as possible on

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