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Holiday rental, Wedding,
Weekend with friends ...

... birthday, seminar, photo shoot, Goudourville Castle opens its doors to you

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About us

Lovers of authentic castle will be delighted.

1h from Toulouse, 1h30 from Bordeaux or 45mn from Agen, the Château de Goudourville, with its 25 hectare estate, is open all year round for holiday rentals, weddings, family celebrations and professional events.



An exclusive rental for holidays with family or friends, for Christmas in a large family home, a birthday or a ceremony such as a baptism...

The keys to a castle are yours for the duration of your stay!


Organise your events

  • professional: meeting, seminar, reception, 

  • artistic events: film shoot, photo shoot...

in an extraordinary space

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An enchanting setting for one of life's most precious events: your wedding.

Chic, country, bohemian, vintage, romantic, classic, live the wedding of your dreams...


They liked

The castle, heritage of France

Generous donors are helping us restore this historic monument

The Château de Goudourville is an authentic medieval castle. It was embellished during the Renaissance and the 18th century. One hour from Toulouse and one and a half hours from Bordeaux, the castle, perched on a plateau, offers a magnificent view over the Garonne valley. In 2020, the American patronage association French Heritage Society (FHS) awarded a $10,000 grant for the restoration of the Renaissance spiral staircase of the castle and the main tower.. Other grants have followed, such as those from the Occitanie Region and the EEC.

More information about FHS:

Contact Us

Château de Goudourville, 761 chemin du Château, 82400 Goudourville


Thank you for what you sent !

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