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A castle, listed as a Historic Monument

After crossing the bridge over the moat, a door opens onto the medieval guard room. It has preserved all its old-fashioned character with its loopholes, barrel vaulted ceiling, 16th century fireplace and nearly a millennium of the castle’s Lords’ coats of arms.

Come live at the castle and...

  • enjoy a peaceful or active holiday, while exploring an unspoilt and authentic region whit many activities,

  • share parties, engagements, weddings, birthdays, themed receptions, meetings with your family or friends,

  • organise seminars, training courses, meetings and prestigious professional events,

  • visit it as a group, with your class or your association.

Several centuries of feats of arms


Construction of a fortress by Hugues De Gasques to serve as a lookout

and first line of defence for the castle of Gasques


Siege of the castle by Simon de Monfort … in vain!


Attack on the castle by the Black Prince of England


Henri de Coutras, future Henry IV, offers 22 captured enemy flags of the battle of Coutras to his beloved, Diane d’Andoins


Restoration and renovation of the castle by Louis De Berdolle during the 18th century

The Fief of Goudourville over the years

This area, between the lower Quercy and Toulouse, was named “Gothorum Villa” after the Visigoths who settled in the 5th century. This Carolingian territory was granted in 947 to the Abbey of Bonneval, which was destroyed by the Normans 

In the 11th century, Pierre de Gasques settled on this estate. This family built a V-shaped castle to create a crossfire between the two corner towers and ensure maximum security.

This fortress owes its notoriety to its location, the borders of the Quercy became the “Marches” of the Kingdom of France. A post of honour, a vanguard, it granted its owner the title of Marquis, “the defender of the Marches”.

Over time, the name became Gotorvilla, then Gothorville and finally Goudourville. The fortress became a castle.

A first transformation during the Renaissance gave it its grand spiral staircase.

In the 17th century, Mazarin had its three towers demolished and its defensive systems dismantled. Only

the machicolations remained...


In the 18th century, the castle was brought into line with the taste of the time and became more refined: large French windows and a large esplanade built on the old ramparts.

Want to travel through time?

Take a walk  through the different spaces

Walk through the castle and discover over 1000 years of history.

Chateau de Goudourville- Chambre Charles IX
Chateau de Goudourville- Chambre Charles IX

The taste for hospitality

The Château de Goudourville has more than 10 bedrooms that can accommodate 30 people

The castle, heritage of France

Generous donors are helping us restore this historic monument

The Château de Goudourville is an authentic medieval castle. It was embellished during the Renaissance and the 18th century. One hour from Toulouse and one and a half hours from Bordeaux, the castle, perched on a plateau, offers a magnificent view over the Garonne valley. In 2020, the American patronage association French Heritage Society (FHS) awarded a $10,000 grant for the restoration of the Renaissance spiral staircase of the castle and the main tower.. Other grants have followed, such as those from the Occitanie Region and the EEC.

More information about FHS:

They talk about the castle

Ils parlent de nous

Historical tours, school visits & animations

Historical visits can be part of medieval days
or half-days with educational workshops. 

A la carte:  

  • Historical visit of the castle,

  • Treasure hunt, puzzle game, coat of arms game,

  • Thematic workshops: calligraphy, heraldry, ancient games, crossbow shooting, presentation of medieval weapons,

  • Picnic facilities in the gardens or in the castle in case of bad weather.

For more information, ask us 


The Château de Goudourville is a member of

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