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Festivals and games of the Middle Ages at the castle of Goudourville, 22 and 23

Medieval festivities and games at Goudourville Castle!

Archery, board games, talk and exhibition with an author on the Middle Ages, visits of the castle with its owner, jester, acrobat and magician...

Le calendrier médiéval est riche en festivités. Découvrez les moments phares de l'année ! ions resumed: ritual or secular celebrations, outdoor or indoor games, shows and a wide variety of festivities... Despite the Church, which controlled all human activity and repressed gambling, entertainment abounded.

The medieval calendar is full of festivities. Discover the highlights of the year !

Travel back to the Middle Ages: choose your medieval outfit and dress up in the workshop of Dame Valérianne, who has something especially for you.

Find out more about medieval festivals, entertainment and games in an exhibition, play wooden board games, shoot with a bow and arrow or try your hand at acrobatics.

Brigitte Coppin, author of 128 books for young people on the Middle Ages, will take you on a journey to this distant era and will sign your favourite book.

Explore Goudourville Castle with its owner, who will take you through the local history, the sometimes turbulent lives of the owner families and decode the architecture of the place. You will be the first to learn about recent discoveries that answer many questions: when did the castle really date from? When was the current structure built? Which families have lived here since 1081? What happened during the Hundred Years' War, the War of Religion or the French Revolution ?

At the corner of a corridor, you may also come across a jester or the magician ?

You can experience all this at the castle of Goudourville, a very old castrum located 40 minutes from Agen, 50 minutes from Montauban and 1 hour from Toulouse.

Games and entertainment are very revealing of the spirit and issues of an era. This is a great way to start your holidays and enjoy a unique weekend in an authentic medieval castle in your region !

Limited number of places - Register now !

Informations pratiques :

Opening : Saturday 2.30 pm - 11 pm - Sunday 2.30 pm - 6 pm

Last access 45 minutes before closing time

Continuous: Archery, old games, refreshments, costumes, entertainment with acrobat, jester or magician

Guided tours: Saturday 3.30 pm, 5.30 pm, 9 pm; Sunday 3 pm, 5 pm

Talks on the Middle Ages: Saturday 3pm, 5pm, 8.30pm; Sunday 2.30pm, 4pm

Price: Free under 4, 6€ up to 14, 12€ over 14, Costumes: 5€.

Address : Château de Goudourville, Monument Historique, 761, Chemin du Château, 82400 Goudourville, 05 63 29 09 06 -

Not suitable for people with reduced mobility

Parking at the entrance to the castle driveway

An event already covered by the press !

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