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Geoffroy de Vivans

A bright guestroom in honour of Geoffroy de Vivans, a bold and skillful captain of Henry IV.

Double bed and single bed or 3 single beds on request, bathroom with bathtub, bidet and toilet shared with the Henri IV room

35 m²

for two to three people

A quiet and bright guestroom with rich blue and silver fabrics.

Geoffroy de Vivans, captain and adviser to Henry IV, was appointed Governor of Périgord, Limousin and many other territories. When Geoffroy de Caumontd died in 1574, Annet de Commarque took over all Geoffroy de Caumont’s castellanies, including Goudourville. Geoffroy de Caumont’s wife, Marguerite de Lustrac, called on Geoffroy de Vivans to take them back. Geoffroy de Vivans besieged the castles one by one and returned them to Marguerite de Lustrac.

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