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VMF and FHS select Goudourville Castle

June 2020

Despite extensive work over the past 20 years to keep the castle open, discreet but repeated water infiltration has weakened the top of the Renaissance spiral staircase.

« If the foot of the wreath breaks, the staircase will collapse », was the verdict of the experts from the Unité Départementale d'Architecture et du Patrimoine, which is in charge of buildings protected as heritage sites

In this case, the more than 500 year old staircase would be destroyed; it would no longer be possible to welcome guests and visitors !

How to save the Renaissance staircase?

Solutions had to be found quickly to carry out this urgent work.

First of all, technically, it is necessary to divide the work into two stages: a first phase to protect the staircase from water and a second to change the foot of the staircase and restore the extraordinary palm-shaped vault of the Renaissance staircase.

In addition, given the extremely difficult year of 2020, finding funding has become a challenge. The owners of the Château de Goudourville therefore submitted an application to the Fondation de Vieilles Maisons Françaises (VMF), an association for the defence and preservation of heritage, in order to start collecting donations. This operation, which is still underway, enables lovers of the castle to support this heritage while benefiting from tax exemption (66% for individuals; 60% for companies) and moments of sharing: an exclusive evening, an overnight stay at the castle, a day of seminars, when the health situation permits, or even the planting of a tree in the donor's name.

At the same time, the Château de Goudourville, faced with these major expenses, has also applied for the national competition for the most beautiful restorations of remarkable buildings, organised each year by VMF.

« It's been a real adventure » nous confie Geneviève. « Our application was selected by the VMF jury, then by the Paris Delegation of the French Heritage Society (FHS), and finally by the FHS headquarters in the United States. ». The French Heritage Society is a prestigious American association of patrons of French heritage in France and the United States.

« This is the first time that the Château de Goudourville has received an award: it is heart-warming, especially during this particularly chaotic year of 2020, » comments Geneviève.

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