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Many thanks !

Many historic buildings have disappeared. Of those that have managed to survive, a number are struggling to thrive or even simply to find a balance.

The challenges are indeed multiple: size of the buildings, deterioration over time, looting and theft, activities that meet the tastes of each era, significant financial needs, multiple standards that are not necessarily adapted to old places.

These include safety standards. These are of course essential to protect human beings.

Between the files, the field work, the financing and the technical validation of the equipment, it takes so much work, time and money !

But imagine that you have done all the work requested and you discover that it is not enough: an access road, which does not belong to you, is too steep or the hydrants around it are non-existent, too far away or not in conformity. In other words, all the work you have done would be for nothing because of parameters that you do not control ?

And this is where the institutions - Town Hall, Community of Communes, Department, Region and even Europe - can play (or not) a major role. A role of accompaniment, support and even financial aid.

This is what is being done around Goudourville Castle !

Thanks to those who keep everyone safe.

Thanks also to all those who help to find and implement solutions !

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