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The Middle Ages at the castle - Article Le Petit Journal

On the weekend of 22 and 23 October, those who chose to book at Goudourville Castle made the right choice !

Indeed, on the occasion of the 4th edition of the Night of the Castles, the castle of Goudourville decided to extend this event and to organize activities on Saturday and Sunday.

Visitors were able to wander around the castle and enjoy the many activities. On the programme: medieval festivals and games! And yes, in the Middle Ages, after the summer harvest and the grape harvest, it was time for festivities. Thus, after a jester dressed in green and yellow had performed a series of wheels, acrobatics and juggling with apples, Geneviève, the mistress of the castle, started a guided tour with passion.

A real journey into the past of our region and of this place that has been transformed many times. Brigitte Coppin, an author of 128 children's books on the Middle Ages, was happy to share her love of this period and her knowledge with families who were curious to know more about the feasts, games or heroes and heroines of this distant time.

As for those who like to play or practise more sporting activities, they were able to take advantage of the numerous board games, around the refreshment bar or in the large framework and the archery stand installed on the esplanade of the ramparts. What a pleasure it was to see these fine ladies dressed in shimmering medieval dresses as well as these valiant knights and noble lords moving around the vast rooms of the dwelling. Visitors, young and old, could also dress up in costume thanks to the workshop of Dame Valériane, specially invited for this unique event.

It was a great way to start the All Saints' Day holidays on your doorstep! When is the next date ?


Article from "Le Petit Journal" Tarn-et-Garonne published 26/10/2022

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