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Medieval guestroom with curtained bed and view of the esplanade of the ramparts.

160cm double bed and a 90cm single bed (that folds up into the wall), bathroom with bathtub, two washbasins, private and separate toilets.

35 m²

for two to three people

At Goudourville castle, the Caumonts, one of the oldest and largest families in the Kingdom, allied themselves with an equally large family: the Lustracs.

Marguerite de Lustrac married a youthful companion of Henri IV, Geoffroy de Caumont.

Their daughter, Anne de Caumont, became one of the richest heiresses in the kingdom.

She was taken from her mother by her guardian at the age of 7, to be married away! She led a checkered life of many twists and turns including battles between lords and duels. 

The guestroom with its stone walls, orange colours and wooden decor is warm and welcoming. You can relax in its bathroom tub. 

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