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Diane D’Andoins

18th century style junior suite in blue tones in honour of a great lady of the time, Diane d'Andouins.

160cm double bed and a 90cm single bed (that folds up into the wall), possibility of an additional bed, bathroom with bathtub, two washbasins, private and separate toilets.

49 m²

for two to three people

Diane d'Andoins was renowned for her beauty and wit. She was a fervent protector of the troubadours, a friend of Montaigne - who nicknamed her “La belle Corisande” - and a favourite of Henri IV.


An active politician, she contributed to the reunion of Béarn and the Crown of France. Diane d'Andoins was a guest at Goudourville castle on several occasions.


Henri IV came to visit her the day after the battle of Coutras with the flags of the defeated enemies.

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