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The Occitanie Region selects the Château de Goudourville for a tourism contract

December 2021

Even in a historic place whose origins date back to the 11th century, it is necessary to move forward and continue to contribute to its environment and to the influence of its region. This is the programme that Goudourville Castle has set itself.

In order to meet current needs, it is necessary to modernise the facilities and services offered, while respecting the spirit of the place. Thus, a 3-year programme provides for ;

  • the installation of a new fire safety system following a change in category and the updating of the file on accessibility for people with reduced mobility, which is not easy in a place protected as a heritage site

  • the safety and restoration of the vault of the Renaissance staircase, a listed structure that serves all floors

  • the safety and restoration of the vaulted Renaissance staircase, a listed structure that serves all floors

  • Improving the insulation and energy performance of the building to allow for more public access in winter,

  • increasing the accommodation capacity with the creation of a bedroom and a bathroom,

  • the development of some of the outdoor areas with a historic access road and infrastructure to accommodate more visits and cultural activities

  • carrying out an archaeological study of the building in order to collect the elements necessary to enrich the historical visits and, one day we hope, to make a historical animation (film or 3D animation) of the place.

This development, which has become necessary, must meet strong technical constraints in view of the heritage protection and requires a very high budget (estimated at €189,000).

On the strength of this programme, the Occitanie Region, which is very dynamic in the field of tourism, has decided to support the Château de Goudourville with an investment grant of 20% (max. €36,683) within the framework of a tourism contract.

A big thank you to the person from the CCI of Montauban who helped us to put together the file and to the decision-makers from the Occitanie Region.

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