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Night of the castles: a weekend in the Middle Ages - Article La Depêche du Midi

Lovers of heritage, castles or visitors who wished to discover the castle of Goudourville were in for a treat. It was one of the 200 sites that took part in this promotional operation for the fourth Nuit des châteaux on 22 and 23 October.

This initiative goes beyond France, as Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and the Czech Republic are participating.

Secrets to discover

For the passionate local owners, Geneviève and Jean-Christophe Mifsud, "the weekend was satisfactory, the visitors came from a close geographical area, unlike in previous years. Could this be due to the cost of fuel? In any case, the aim is to make our building known, and we are still trying to discover its secrets. And there are still some! A study of the age of the frameworks has just been completed, using dendrochronology, and the results will be available soon. Archaeological studies are underway. The aim is to discover and date the various alterations to the castle over the last ten centuries. Will we know a little more on the fifth night? We'll have to come back next year to find out !

Diving into the Middle Ages

The owners, with the help of a host of friends, wanted to take us back to those medieval times. After last year's theme of weapons, the theme chosen was "Feasts and games". Between the harshness of daily life and the difficult agricultural work, parties and feasts were organised with games. The esplanade to the west, overlooking the Garonne valley, was used for outdoor games, and the attic under the 13th century roof structure for indoor games. Chris, an acrobat from Acrobatips, and Laurent, a master archer from Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave, showed their talent. Dame Valérianne's workshop brought shimmering colours with its costumes. In the main hall, Brigitte Coppin, author of some 130 books for young people on the Middle Ages, finished by immersing us in that past.

Article published by La Dépêche du Midi Tarn-et-Garonne on 04/11/2022 à 05:10


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